Excel 2007 Shortcut Keys

MS Excel 2007 keyboard shortcuts were similar to previous Version of MS Word 2003. If you are using MS Excel 2007 and US standard keyboard, you may use following shortcut keys to . Even if you are using any other English keyboard layouts, that should also have more or less similar keys on a US keyboard. You can also download MS Excel 2007 Shortcut Key PDF File.

MS Excel 2007 keyborad shortcut

Function keys:

Shortcut Keys Function Description
F1 Open Excel Help Window.
CTRL + F1 Show/Hide top Ribbon.
ALT + F1 Create chart of selected data range .
ALT + SHIFT + F1 Add new worksheet in existing Workbook.
F2 Open active cell in edit mode and allow edit while writing formula in Formula.
SHIFT + F2 Add comment in active cell.
CTRL + F2 Show Print Preview.
F3 Open Paste Name dialog box.
SHIFT + F3 Open Insert Function dialog box.
F4 Repeat last command.
CTRL+F4 Close working workbook. (It does not close the entire Excel application.)
F5 Open “Go To” dialog box.
CTRL + F5 Restores current workbook window size and position.
F6 Switch between worksheet, Ribbon, task pane, and Zoom controls
CTRL + F6 Switch to next opened workbook window.
F7 Spelling check.
CTRL + F7 Select current worksheet window to move when it is not maximized.
F8 Using extend mode.
SHIFT + F8 Select random cells or range of cells.
CTRL + F8 Resize command window.
ALT + F8 Open Macro dialog box.
F9 Calculates all worksheets when Manual calculation is turned on.
SHIFT + F9 Calculates in active worksheets when Manual calculation is turned on.
CTRL + F9 Minimizes workbook window.
CTRL + ALT + F9 Calculates all worksheets in all open workbooks even if changes are not made after last calculation.
CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + F9 Calculates all open workbooks and check dependent formulas.
F10 Toggle Turns key tips.
SHIFT + F10 Open shortcut menu.
ALT + SHIFT + F10 Open shortcut menu for a smart tag.
CTRL + F10 Maximize or minimize the current workbook window.
F11 Creates a chart of the data in the current range.
SHIFT + F11 Add new worksheet in work book.
ALT + F11 Open Visual Basic Editor.
F12 Open Save As dialog box
CTRL + F12 Pop up Open File dialog box.
CTRL + F12 Pop up Open File dialog box.

CTRL Shortcut keys:

Shortcut Keys Function Description
CTRL + 1 Open Cells Format dialog box.
CTRL + 2 Make selected cell text bold.
CTRL + 3 Make selected cell text italic.
CTRL + 4 Make selected cell text underlined.
CTRL + 5 Apply strikethrough on selected cell text.
CTRL + 6 Show / hide objects or placeholders for objects.
CTRL + 8 Show / hides the outline symbols.
CTRL + 9 Hides the selected rows.
CTRL + 0 Hides the selected columns.
CTRL + A Select current data range if pressed CTRL +A once. Select entire worksheet, if pressed ‘A’ second time while keeping CTRL pressed down.
CTRL + B Make selected cell text bold.
CTRL + C Copy selected cells.
CTRL + D Replicate data and cell formatting from topmost cell to cells below it.
CTRL + F Open Find and Replace dialog box, with the Find tab selected.
CTRL + G Open Gog To dialog box.
CTRL + H Open Find and Replace dialog box with the Replace tab selected.
CTRL + I Set selected cell text to italic.
CTRL + K Open Insert Hyperlink dialog box.
CTRL + N Creates new workbook.
CTRL + O Open “Open File” dialog box.
CTRL + P Open Print dialog box.
CTRL + SHIFT + P Open Format Cell dialog box.
CTRL + R Replicate data and cell formatting from leftmost cell to cells to the right.
CTRL + S Opens Save File dialog, if file not saved else saves the active file data.
CTRL + T Open Create Table dialog box.
CTRL + U Make selected cell text underlined.
CTRL + SHIFT + U Expanding or collapsing of the formula bar.
CTRL + V Paste Clipboard data.
CTRL+ ALT + V Pop up Paste Special dialog box.
CTRL + W Closes the selected workbook window.
CTRL + X Cuts the selected cells or data.
CTRL + Y Repeats the last command.
CTRL + Z Undo last command.
CTRL + SHIFT + Z Reverse last automatic correction .

Other useful shortcut keys

Shortcut Keys Function Description
ARROW KEYS Move to left/right/top/down cell one by one.

You can download shortcut Keys PDF from this link.