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Who We Are?

AKME Analytics is a data analytics and corporate consulting company. We offer services from corporate to individual interested in learning data analytics.

Apart from data analytics training, we offer corporate consulting and job placement. We have association with many top rated companies who required candidates in data analytics field like MIS Reporting, Risk Management and Research etc. We post and offer those jobs to our students.

We are not ordinary training institute but a highly motivated team of people polishing your skills and supporting your growth. Thanks to our scale, students benefit from superior faculty-to-student ratios, small-size elective courses, and unparalleled person-to-person access to trainers.

Our Trainers

Our trainers are highly qualified and experienced. We hire trainers with at least 5 years+ working experience in data analytics field. All of our faculties are vitally connected to the business world. These associations give them and you real-world perspective and know-how. Our trainers know your background, anticipate your questions, and challenge your assumptions.

Beyond the classrooms at their homes or office, our faculty make themselves available to you. More than facts and skills, our classes offer strategic perspective. They explore how the minds of management experts work and demonstrate how to put theory into practice.

Looking for MIS Training in Gurgaon? Join our special MIS Training designed to the professional already working in MIS or professional willing to join MIS job. If you handle your MIS with MS Excel, you can join our course and get handy with our MIS Express course. Our Course starts with learning Basic MS Excel and them moving towards Advance Excel and then finally, creating various reports & dashboards.

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